Light Your Bathroom Right: Guide to Stylish Lighting Solutions

The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house. In fact, on average we spend over 2 years and 100 days of our lives in there, and those of us who like a long shower or soaking in the bathtub, even longer. And it goes without saying that it’s more than just a functional space, it’s where you get ready for the day or unwind at the end of one. That said, having the right lighting can turn a dull and uninviting bathroom into a relaxing and comforting area.
When planning your bathroom lighting, you should think about layers – ample light for the shower, your shaving or make-up space, and ambient lighting to improve the atmosphere in the room. To address all the needs, you will need a combination of three or four separate types of lights.This will allow you to turn the fresh, busy family space from the morning, into a spa-like calming sanctuary in the evening.

Ceiling Fixtures

This is the basic light in the room and needs to be bright enough to illuminate all the areas. Warm, white bathroom LED lights that create a pleasant mood are one of the best options. You can go for a single or a series of light fixtures located at the centre of the ceiling, usually controlled by a switch near the door. It helps you become situated when you enter the bathroom, and it is often the only source of light. 
As you will find out, it is usually not enough, but if done properly it serves as a substitute for natural light. Keep in mind that as a general rule of thumb, bathrooms require at least 70 lumens per square foot. 
If you have a small bathroom don’t overcrowd the ceiling with too many LED bath lights, as it will look too busy. Instead, choose subtle, recessed lights or surface-mounted options that will match the sanitary ware. 

bathroom ceiling  led lights

Vanity Lighting

If there is any type of light that can be considered the most important in the bathroom, then that’s the vanity light. There are even bathrooms that rely solely on this, or in combination with the ceiling light. 
Typically placed directly above the mirror, or a pair of two on each side, it illuminates the countertop and the sink perfectly. This is the crucial light source you need for grooming or putting on makeup.
The right positioning of these lights can make all the difference. To avoid shadows on your face, the fixtures should be roughly at eye level, casting an even flattering light, but not shining too brightly into your eyes.
Dimmable bathroom LED lights are not only energy efficient but with the variety of brass or black finishes available, you will achieve style as well as functionality.

bathroom vanity led lighting fixtures

Wall Sconces

In the past sconces used to hold candles and torches against the wall to light the way, and today they are a versatile type of light that can enhance the ambient. They can be placed in addition to the horizontal vanity light above the mirror, or they can stand alone, depending on the size of the bathroom. Narrower mirrors in small bathrooms may only need a pair of sconces placed carefully so that the bottom of the ’shade’ is the user’s eye level. 
What is beautiful about this kind of light are the varieties that can make any style of design glamorous. You can choose from a sleek and modern look to rustic and traditional fixtures, giving the space some character in addition to practicality. 

bathroom wall sconces

Chandeliers and Pendants 

Going beyond the functional and into the luxurious are the statement chandeliers and pendant lights. They are showy, fun and a bit decadent. Imagine the feeling you will get while you are lying in the bathtub. With the right choice, you can transform the bathroom into a glamorous space.
Low-slung pendants and chandeliers now come in bathroom-friendly designs. Whether you go for a smaller size for tinier rooms or larger pieces for the high-ceiling bathroom you can bring elegance and style on top of illumination. Pendant lighting catches the attention when positioned at head level or just above and adds directed lighting to areas that need it the most. 

bathroom chandelier

Mirror Light

For a more contemporary and chic look, you might want to consider a mirror light. It gives the illusion that the mirror is floating off the wall and casts a hazy glow around it, giving a mysterious effect. 
Some mirrors come with built-in bath LED light, illuminating the front of the mirror through an etched glass. This gives bright, crisp white light that can be controlled with a dimmable switch, something you will appreciate at 5 o’clock in the morning.
This modern, cost-effective and cool design will transform the bathroom from average to outstanding.

built - in bathroom mirror LED lights

Accent and Recessed Lighting

Adding accent to decorative art pieces, an antique dresser used as a sink or the beautiful tiles in the shower can be easily done with small recessed spotlights. They draw the eyes to these elements and highlight the best features. Indirect lighting can be used to create a nice atmosphere in a non-intrusive way.

bathroom decorative lights and paintings

Final Thoughts

Overall, well-thought-out lighting, adjusted to your personal preferences can add value to your bathroom. Proper light can make a room feel larger and airier. It can also play with the proportions of certain elements and disguise less favourable aspects. It can also radically change the mood, running the spectrum from dramatic and enlivening to soft and relaxing. 
All the different lighting models give you plenty of options to explore and achieve a balanced look, from the brightness necessary in task lighting to the mood-setting of ambience fixtures. Offering far more than practicality, a good lighting scheme is a decorating tool in its own right.


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