Keeping Weeds at Bay: When Mowing Isn’t Enough, Brush Cuter Saves the Day

Without a doubt we all like the sight of a beautiful garden and enjoy spending time in it. With proper care, a garden can become a magical place where colours, scents as well as sounds come together in a perfect fusion. Grooming your yard in the form of mowing the lawn, feeding the soil with mulch, and watering the flower beds and bushes can help preserve its beautiful look. However, once you are prevented from regularly performing these tasks (due to not having the time or some other reason) a garden can quickly become a mess of overgrown weeds and a landmine of rocks. When this happens, it can be impossible for a mower or trimmer to get it back in shape.

Your only option? A brush cuter. This versatile hand held tool is a pumped up version of a trimmer that can cut down some of the toughest of vegetation. It’s also smaller than a mower which makes it flexible and able to get into hard to reach places. This is especially important for a neglected garden where there are tree trunks hidden by the overgrown brush and rocks in a see of weeds that make it impossible for mowing.


As we’ve mentioned, a brush cuter is essentially an intensified string trimmer, but how exactly do they differ? At first glance it’s easy to confuse one for the other, but there’s a large difference between the jobs they can accomplish. A string trimmer has a nylon cord which can snip some of the vegetation. Normally, nylon is not a material that can handle thicker vegetation, and this is where a trimmer fails. A brush cutter, on the other hand, uses a metal blade or even a small saw to cut through thick weeds and even some smaller saplings.

Besides the blades, what makes a brush cutter more suitable to tackle challenging vegetation is its powerful motor. And same as most other garden power tools, you get to choose between an electric or gas powered model. Electric models have the advantage of being silent and more Eco-friendly. However, you get to use them as far as their cord can reach the nearest power outlet. On the other hand, gas powered models are more potent, portable and can be used in all areas of the yard without being restricted by a cord. Their only disadvantage is that they can have a somewhat higher price tag than electric models.

Though it looks like a trimmer, a brush cuter is a lot heavier and can be a challenge if you have never used one before. Therefore, it’s important to read the instruction manual thoroughly and practice before turning it on so you get used to manoeuvring it more easily. When cutting, remember to only move it from right to left because the blades are built to rotate only counter-clockwise. And by all means, do not skip on protection gear in the form of gloves, glasses and ear pads.


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