First Impressions Matter – The Importance of Trendy Work Clothes in the Hospitality Industry

First impressions matter, especially when you’re running a cafe, a bar or a nightclub in Australia. As a country that takes pride in its tourism and has a strong love for coffee shops and clubs, businesses are constantly trying to set themselves apart from the rest of the competition through different ways, one of which are work clothes.
Trendy Work Clothes
While high-end restaurants, five star hotels, and other formal hospitality places, are very conservative when it comes to their staff’s appearance, most cafes or bars nowadays try to break the dress code monotony and make it as creatively as possible. These types of places are most commonly visited by a young and hip crowd, so logically the staff needs to be dressed in trendy work clothes that make them seem more relaxed and approachable.

The main elements of a standard hospitality uniform are usually still there, but they are replaced with more casual alternatives. For instance, instead of a formal bow tie, the staff wears regular ties in a fun pattern; white aprons are replaced with sleek, denim ones; t-shirts are more casual, etc. However, there’s a chance that you might overdo it and make the staff wear uniforms that end up being too casual and difficult to differentiate them from the guests. For that reason, when deciding to buy trendy work clothes for your staff, a good idea is to choose colours that are harmonious with the interior design of your business or its logo.

Speaking of trendy work uniforms for cafes, accessories go a long way in adding the much-needed finishing touch. So things like hats, scarves, bags, pins, or apron straps can serve as cost-effective details in creating a distinguishable look. After all, beauty is in the details.

trendy work clothes

And finally, don’t forget to pay attention to materials. No matter how cool your front-of-the-house staff may be dressed, if they don’t feel comfortable, it’s very likely that they will not do their best. Working in tight and unbreathable clothes on hot and dry days can be excruciating and make your staff less productive. For this reason, consider trendy work clothes made of breathable materials, such as cotton, that are comfortable and light to wear.

Uniforms are always the best way to portrait the image that you want. When looking for trendy work clothes, always strive to find a good mix of functionality, style and comfort. After all, the image of true professionalism depends on all three.

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