The Importance and Benefits of Organic Baby Clothing

So, you are the kind of person that always prefers organic food and does everything in their power to “detox” their home. Therefore, when it comes to your baby, it is only natural that you choose organic clothing for the sake of his/her overall well-being. The skin of babies is very delicate and easily reacts to what it is exposed to, so this is where the importance of dressing them up in organic clothes arises from.

Natural and organic fibres such as cotton, wool, and bamboo are the best choices as these breathable, untreated fabrics play a great role in reducing the chances of potential irritation. Baby clothes made from synthetic and non-organic fibres can contain a number of toxic substances, like acrylic, petrochemicals, and PVC, which have been linked to a variety of health problems.


Many parents think that washing new clothes just once before putting them on their baby is enough to get rid of the chemicals. However, all the procedures that the manufacturing of clothing goes through involve tons of chemicals that are not that easy to get rid off with just one washing, or a couple as a matter of fact. However, reducing your child’s exposure to toxins is not the only benefit that organic baby clothes offer. Here are some other less known ones.

Enhanced Durability

Due to the fact that organic fabrics go through less processing, they are stronger than other fabrics. Considering that you will need to change your baby’s clothes a couple of times a day, it makes perfect sense to choose clothes that are easy to maintain and will not show signs of wear after washing them a couple of times.

Saves You Money

The increased durability of organic clothing automatically helps you save more money in the long run. And due to the fact that organic baby clothes do not expose your child’s skin to the harmful chemicals that other materials have, you won’t have to spend money on medication to treat skin irritation.

Protect Water Quality

Being free of chemicals, organic clothing also helps preserve the quality of water. You see, the water we use to wash our clothes ends up in the sewer lines and then goes to the soil. This can easily pollute the soil and negatively affect the growth of plants and trees.

Besides baby clothes, there are pyjamas, shirts, pants, socks, and so many more different products made from organic fabrics. Browsing the web is the easiest way to find and buy organic clothes, but there are also many local retailers that are stepping up when it comes to selling planet-friendly clothes. It is hard to tell the difference between normal and organic baby clothing at first glance, so make sure to read the label carefully before buying.

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