Everything You Need to Know About Plus-Size Bras

There’s nothing better than wearing the right bra size and not having to pull it up or down because being too tight or too loose. When it comes to having all-day comfort and support, wearing a proper-fitting bra is a real blessing. Wearing the right size will help you feel good in your skin, it’ll reduce the appearance of any deep creases and wrinkles around the chest and reduce premature sagging as well.

What Are Plus Size Bras?

woman wearing plus size bra
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Just like their name suggests, these bras are designed to fit women with bigger breasts. They usually have a wider bra band, wider bra straps that sometimes can be padded, and additional hook and eye closures. When combined together, all of these things contribute to greater support that can complement women with fuller busts. Thus, these bras are designed for women of all ages who have problems finding the perfect fit with regular bras.

What Type of Bra Should a Plus-Size Woman Wear?

Gone are the days when women with larger busts couldn’t find the right bra size. Whether you’re a woman who has an active everyday life or you’re one who looks for an elegant plus size bra Australia experts say that finding the best match to your personal style is super easy. Nowadays, you can enjoy and find a full comfort plus size bra Australia wide, mainly in more reputable stores. Achieving that needed comfort these days is easy, you just need to pick the right type of bra for your breasts.


Contour bras are available with moulded and padded cups and they are designed to hold their shape no matter what. They’re available in underwired and wire-free options and both of them can help shape your breasts and create a smooth and symmetrical breast appearance. Needless to say that these bras look flawless and natural under clothing. These bras are designed for those of you who want a more lifted and rounder look, and they usually come with lined straps that reduce the so annoying slipping of the shoulders.

Full Coverage

These types of bras are the most commonly used options by women with larger busts since they’re designed to minimise cleavage and spillage at the cup’s top. These bras give reinforced lower cup panelling that is designed to provide you with greater support. They have lighter wires, additional hook and eye closures, as well as side bone inserts for improved comfort.


woman doing sports activities while wearing a sport plus size bra
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Sports bras are ideal for any kind of sports activities you plan to perform. Said in simple words, they’re designed to eliminate any pain and discomfort during low and high-intensity workouts. These types of undergarment pieces are designed to minimise breast tissue damage which is paramount during exercise. All of these bras have padded high-cut cups and a wide set of cross-back straps that offer extra support and minimise impact while moving. Generally speaking, these bras are made from breathable fabrics to allow your skin to breathe while working out.


The underwire bras have a semi-circle material usually made from metal or plastic hidden in the channel at the cup’s bottom. The main goal of these bras is to lift your bras and give them the needed support and impeccable look.


These bras have moulded cups which are the main ‘culprit’ for giving your breasts the needed support without having to rely on the underwires. While underwire bras tend to change the look of your breasts by lifting them up and making them look bigger, these bras can provide you with the needed support without changing their appearance. For a stronger and more durable fit, pick one that’s made from a thicker and smoother fabric. The wire-free bras are ideal to be worn while sleeping, during and after pregnancy, after any kind of surgery, etc.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Fit

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First things first, you should take a measuring tape, wrap it around your chest just below your underarms and measure your band size. If the size is even, this is the band size you should go for, and in case it’s not an even number, you should round it up to the next even number for a more comfortable fit.

The next thing you should do is measure your bust and wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your chest in order to determine the bust size. And to determine the cup size, you should subtract the band size from the bust size measurement and check online for the right cup size. Once you have all the needed sizes, just go online and check the bra sizing guide from the designated online store. This, in fact, is the only way to be sure that you’ll invest in the right bra size.


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