Some Popular and Creative Skateboard Deck Designs

Not always is art found in frames and hung on the walls of fancy art galleries. Sometimes, real art is found in plain sight on the street. However, most of the times street art is illegal and artists have to find an alternative form of canvas to express their creativity. And sometimes that canvas can hide under the feet of teenagers rolling on the street, in the form of a skate deck. Having a unique and creatively designed skateboard deck is the dream of every skater. To turn that dream into reality, skate deck manufactures regularly come up with graphics that cater to every taste. Here are some of the most popular skateboard deck designs currently available on the Australian market.

Pink Floyd by Habitat

pink floyd skate decks

Music and skateboarding go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly. And over the years, many skate deck designs have given more than a simple nod to iconic bands and artists. But if there’s one band admired by members of every subculture, it’s definitely Pink Floyd. Their philosophical lyrics and psychedelic sounds have been heralded as both music and art. Therefore, it’s no wonder they influenced the art of skate decks too. Habitat, one of the most renowned manufacturers of skate decks, has put out a series celebrating four of Pink Floyd’s albums – Dark Side of The Moon, The Division Bell, Animals and Wish You Were Here. Pink Floyd fans rejoice!

DC Comics Line by Almost

dc comics skate decks

A lot of skaters, besides being the cool kids (or adults, you’re never too old to skate!) are also huge nerds. And what says nerd more than comic books? Plus, it seems that decks make for the perfect canvas for comic books and their bright colours and strong lines. Inspired by this, Almost has created their comic line of decks featuring famous DC heroes such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, and of course, their arch-nemeses, the Joker, Darkseid and Cheetah. These are the ultimate decks to make any DC fan stand out while making acrobatic jumps with his board.

Bringing Back the Old School Decks

Skate Decks 3

The ’80s were the decade when skateboarding first made its boom. Even though that was about 30 years ago, deck designs back then had the same level of edginess we know and love them for today. Longtime skate deck brands decided to bring back the most beloved designs of the ’80s with a modern twist. Santa Cruz reissued their classic Slasher deck – they brought back the well-known graphic of a blue alien-like creature, almost too excited to be riding a bloody sabre, on a modern concave deck with a slight kick on the nose. H-Street quickly caught on the trend of brining back old school and released their iconic Tony Mag Kid N’ Cross as one of the first boards of a long line-up of re-issues. This deck is constructed from a high quality maple wood and a modern drill style, making it the ultimate deck for nay park, ramp or pool. If you had a favourite deck back in the ’80s but somehow lost it or managed to break it, chances are you can find an exact replica of its graphic online.

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