Commercial Grade Vinyl Flooring Available Online

Due to its durability, easy maintenance and affordability, many business owners choose to go with commercial grade vinyl flooring. If you look for a commercial flooring solution both stylish and durable, then you should definitely consider the wide range of commercial grade vinyl flooring products available online. Depending on where you what to install the commercial grade vinyl flooring, you will need to choose the right length. Usually you will find 1,8 and 3,6 meters long commercial grade vinyl flooring, but in case that doesn’t cover the whole area, then you would need some weld rod to connect two pieces together. That won’t cause any problems, as most weld rods are not even visible and will transform the vinyl into a smooth flooring solution.


Before you choose certain commercial grade vinyl flooring, it is necessary to know which adhesive is best for your type of commercial grade vinyl flooring. That is very important, because using the right adhesive can help you use the same flooring for years and years. Since the area will be prone to high foot traffic, you should choose a commercial grade vinyl flooring that is durable. Here are some examples of commercial grade vinyl flooring available online.

Classic Mystique PUR

If you need a commercial grade vinyl flooring for heavy traffic areas like healthcare centers, educational facilities, or retail stores, then go with the classic mystique PUR. This type of commercial grade vinyl flooring is an ideal solution for high traffic areas, since it features low cost maintenance, heavy duty homogeneous floor coverings, and duo-tone chip decoration with marbleized tones. Check the wide range of colors available online, and install the perfect classic mystic flooring solution.

Prestige PUR

This commercial grade vinyl flooring is 100% recyclable, and is also ideal for heavy traffic areas that require low maintenance. Whether you need it for hospitals, gyms, public areas or educational centers, don’t hesitate to choose the Prestige PUR. You can choose between 16 shades of this commercial grade vinyl flooring.

Forest fx PUR

Looking for modern, stylish and durable flooring solution, then check this popular commercial grade vinyl flooring available online. Forest fx PUR is an ideal flooring solution for commercial areas because it is easy to maintain. It gives a highly realistic wood effect which is quite modern and popular these days.

Polysafe Standard PUR

If you need commercial grade vinyl flooring that is resistant to water and other contaminants, then check the Polysafe Standard PUR. This commercial grade vinyl flooring is another trendy design that is a perfect addition to every bathroom, classroom and other heavy traffic area.

Polysafe Corona PUR

The Polysafe Corona PUR is ideal commercial grade vinyl flooring solution for washrooms, classrooms, food preparation rooms and other commercial areas. Beside the fact that it is water resistant and durable, the Polysafe Corona PUR is a colored flooring format that gives special effect on the the area where it is installed.


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