Your Commercial Food Vacuum Sealer Online Guide Available

Cutting on food waste and spoilage is essential for any food-service related business. Commercial food vacuum sealer has been designed exactly for that purpose, to ensure perishable-food products last longer. A vacuum packed food can last 3-5 times longer. Moreover, packaged food tastes fresher too, because all factors that cause food to lose freshness are eliminated during the packaging process.

Many of the commercial food vacuum sealer models available on the market usually come with a number of fancy features you most likely are not familiar with. Understanding what they are and how to use them will help you when in the market for a commercial food vacuum sealer.


Differences between a manual and automatic commercial food vacuum sealer equipment:


  • Adjustable seal and vacuum time;
  • Allows control over the quantity of air that is to be taken out of the bag;
  • Customizable results for different products.


  • Adjustable seal time only;
  • Automatically pulls all air from the bag;
  • Customizable trades allows easier use.

Some common features:

  • Vacuum Cycle – When air is taken out of the bag;
  • Seal Cycle – When the bag is sealed;
  • Gas Flush – An option designed to remove oxygen and replace it with a mixture of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. This is common for supermarkets when pre-packaging meats.
  • Pulse Mode – For drawing all air out without damaging the product. Perfect for packaging delicate products like muffins.
  • Seal Bar – For heating the bag using two wires to lock it tight and prevent oxygen from entering again.
  • Roll Storage – For keeping a roll of bag material.

Types of commercial vacuum food sealer equipment

  • External Strip Vacuum Packaging – Typically used for residential or light commercial applications. The bag is placed outside the device and the air is taken out from the open side of the bag. Once the cycle completed, the bag is sealed tight by heating the plastic. Although the price of the appliance is relative low, the price of the individual bag is pretty high.
  • Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machines – With this model the bag is located in a chamber inside the appliance and air is removed from the chamber to balance the pressure inside and outside of the pouch. Then the air is taken out of the bag which is then closed by heating the plastic. Perfect for high-demand business, this equipment makes a good long-term investment.

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