Charcoal Brick Wallpaper: A Brilliant Way of Transforming a Wall in Your Home

Brick walls are nothing new and have always been a pretty popular design trend. A traditional brick wall, however, is pretty challenging to do especially if your walls aren’t made of brick. Luckily, these days it is pretty easy to achieve with wallpaper. I know it sounds crazy, but wallpaper designs have improved a lot over the last few years including brick wallpaper. There are so many different patterns and designs to choose from that look realistic and really chic. You can choose from white brick, to red brick wallpaper, to charcoal brick wallpaper, and so much more. Below we will go over some of the rooms you should incorporate this trend so you can bring new life into your home.

 Charcoal Brick Wallpaper


Adding a brick wall to your bathroom can really bring an old bathroom into this century. The great thing about bathrooms is that they are so versatile. You can choose any colour brick and have some simple features and you’re done. You don’t really need to worry about what it will match too because bathrooms are simple as they are. Some of you might be questioning the humidity in the bathroom, well the good news is – you have nothing to worry about. Most wallpapers today have been designed to withstand things like weather and humidity. You don’t need to lay a brick wall down yourself with high quality brick wallpapers.

Lounge Room

Lounge rooms are no doubt one of the places that we spend the most time in our homes. Whether it be watching T.V, entertaining guests, or just relaxing, it is always a great idea to change up the look of the room every once in a while. Adding a brick wall using wallpaper can really make the room look warm and inviting. At the very least it’s a great way to breathe some new life into an old room. It can look really great as a feature wall instead of using paint. Some great ways to do this is by sticking to a colour palette or theme like charcoal brick wallpaper with shades of white, grey, and black. Really use your imagination to create the most inviting space you can.


This might be an unexpected suggestion for some of you, but it can look really great if it’s done right. Surprisingly, it might be the best space to actually play around with this kind of wallpaper. You have so many options as to where you can put it, some places include using it as a backdrop behind the sink, putting it on the upper half of walls, or even putting it on the ceiling can look great. The trick is to pick colours that can easily go with the rest of your interior as well as making sure you don’t pick a dark colour in a small kitchen. A darker colour can really make the room seem even smaller.

When it comes to picking the right brick wallpaper for your home there are a few things you should remember. If you are trying to open a small space up try opting for lighter colours, if you have a large room adding a darker colour won’t make it look smaller. Remember to pick a colour that will go with your floor and furniture otherwise it could just look odd. The best way to choose the right colour is to stick with your current colour scheme. Also, try to remember that less is more, don’t put brick wallpaper all over one room, try stick to one half of a wall or a feature wall for best results. If you are unsure of where to find brick wallpaper you can easily search online. Online stores usually have the biggest variety and you are sure to find something you like.


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