Advantages of Using Retail Express’ POS System

A Point of Sale system is among the best investments you can make for your business. It can easily simplify all your daily tasks, which will certainly lead to increasing your revenue stream. In short, a POS system is a combination of hardware and software that handles all the transactions your business makes. That combination can include a computer, terminal, scanner, printer, as well as a few other devices and pieces of software. It’s undeniable that a POS system will benefit your business immediately, but it’s also important to know why, because it’s not just a random addition that you won’t be aware even exists.

Better Inventory Management

girl working on pos system

Every business owner knows that inventory management can be a real pain. Manual managing and tracking of inventory can take a long time as well. Not to mention that manually managing and tracking inventory is known for being error-prone. If you use a POS system, then you’re pretty much automating the entire process. That means you’ll be able to manage your inventory in real-time and to know the exact number of products you own over a given period with pretty much no margin for error. When you receive your inventory, if these products are already in your catalogue, simply scan them, enter your quantities and the articles will be recorded in the inventory of your POS software. All of this means that by using a POS Retail Express system you’ll be able to keep track of your inventory better without any possibility for error.

Simpler Invoicing

Retail Express POS software allows you to record and group all of your invoices. In each company, there are several categories of invoices to manage, meaning it’s very important to be able to distinguish them easily. You can find invoices for purchases, sales, repairs, rentals, consignments, and others depending with ease. This is also incredibly important when it comes to your business’ accounting department because you’ll have records and proof of all transactions that have happened in your company. If you don’t have a POS system, then you’d have to do all of this manually, which would be a significant pain in today’s complex society.

Quicker Payments

paying with card on terminal

POS systems make payments significantly quicker. All the employee needs to do is select the product the consumer wants to buy and the system calculates the price automatically. Depending on the settings, it can then send an invoice via email or directly print out a receipt on the spot. This also means there is excellent integration with terminals and registers so that customers will be able to pay by cash or card without any hassle. Further, customers won’t have to wait a long time to pay for something they’ve picked, which will also make them more satisfied and likelier to return in the future.

Improved Customer Management

You can document your customers’ information in your system with a point of sale system. This type of information can be anything, such as full name, phone number, email, previous purchases, and any and all other types of information. If you have this customer data, you’ll have a better and clearer overview of your larger market and customer groups that prefer to do business with you. You can send promotions to your customers to incentivize them to visit your shop more often or to build customer loyalty. The system can help you track each customer to offer targeted promotions. Having proper customer information management allows you to thoroughly understand your target customers and make better business decisions.

Better Supply Chain Management

It’s essential to be properly stocked when you’re running a business. A POS system is useful in helping you manage your supply chain, as it allows you to keep track of all your placed orders. You’ll be able to view your invoices and orders with all of the details that you need, and all that in one convenient package. You won’t have to ruffle through tons and tons of paper just to find that one specific invoice. Also, a POS system allows you to plan your future purchases, as well as the minimum amount of products you need for your store. This helps to have better control of your purchases and to have the optimal amount of stock in your store to minimize your losses.

Improved Security

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Keeping your company’s data safe and secure is incredibly important. You always want it to be accessible only by authorised users, and with Retail Express’ POS system you not only get that but also security from external threats. You’ll have access to double user authentication. This reduces the intrusion of malicious users into your system, and you’ll be able to quickly grant or block access to users as the system administrator. Another thing that’s important to know is that with such a POS system, you’ll have access to a cloud-based solution. If you back up your data on the cloud, it will always be safe and secure from any and all external threats, and you’ll have constant access. By having your data stored in the cloud, you can be sure that it’s safe from natural disasters such as floods or store fires.


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