Accessories to Keep You Comfortable When Going Off-Road

When you have a 4×4 drive, your main focus falls on maintenance of the vehicle’s vital gear. After all, if your vehicle experiences failure, you can remain stuck in the outback. However, don’t overlook your own comfort either. The rough terrain and Outback weather can be harsh, so if you want to make things easier and more enjoyable, consider taking the following accessories with you.

car front window shade

Window Shades

If you’ve ever been in the Outback, you know how harsh the sun can get. It’s not simply annoying when it gets into your eyes, but it’s is also a serious health issue. Since most of the time while 4WDing is spent in the vehicle, it’s smart to invest in a front window shade to look after your skin and eyes.

Having a magnetic car sun shade that blocks more than 70% of the UV rays makes the time spent inside more relaxing and safe. Besides a front window shade, you may also want to get shades for the rest of the windows if you’re taking passengers along on your adventures. This will surely cool off the sun protection officer on duty in your group (there is always one).

The design of car window shades has significantly advanced. Most vendors offer professional installation, however, you can easily mount it by yourself if needed. If it has magnetic mount you need to stick it to the rear upright of the window. If it is non-magnetic, you can stick it on the bottom of the window sill. This installation method doesn’t require drilling and the mess that comes with it. And to top it off: windows can be still rolled up and down even if they have a window shade. That way you can let some fresh air in whenever you like.

When shopping double-check the specification as car window shades can be made for front or rear window only. Or if buying side shades, check if they come as a pair or separately. Make sure the effectiveness of the screen is tested by an authorised governmental agency. And don’t forget that you can always enhance the protection by tainting your windows. Usual precaution is welcome as well, apply sunscreen and avoid direct contact with the glare by wearing sunglasses.

You can not stay in the vehicle all day, obviously. When you are outside you can extend an awning from the roof of your vehicle and get that much-needed shade. Tents can also double as a sun protection gear, but who would like to spend the day in a tent?

4x4 suspension upgrade

A Suspension Upgrade

You can’t go off-road without a proper suspension upgrade, that’s a fact. Drivers know that proper suspension provides better ride, better control, extra ground clearance – and of course, comfort as you won’t feel the bumps on the road. On a long-distance track, a suspension can significantly improve your experience.

There are two main things to look out for with suspension. You get what you pay for, so go for higher-end products. More lift means, higher aerodynamic drag and that translates into higher fuel consumption. So, when you decide you need an upgrade do your research before shopping.

Off-Road Friendly Furniture

Speaking of tents, they are considered an essential part of your outback gear. And they have their limitations too, regardless if they are rooftop or stand-alone shelters. What is not considered standard gear are stretcher beds. They are usually folding and easy to store. Along with air mattresses, they can help you get your daily rest. Some also like using a hammock to sleep in. This type of comfort is often understated, but it’s still important. Many accidents on the road can be avoided if the driver is well-rested.

outdoor furniture

Foldable chairs, stools and tables can bring a homey touch to an unwelcoming setting. They can make your lunch stops more pleasant and are easy to drag to the campfire or to a fishing site.

Insect Protection

While you look forward to fish biting on your bugs, you don’t want the bugs to bite you. Don’t forget to take insect repellent to keep mosquito, and other bite-happy pests away. Depending on your personal preference you can go for organic and natural solutions or for a whole range of sprays. Your shelter and your vehicle should also house a net. Insect borne diseases can destroy your off-road adventure so be on top of this.

Food Preservation & Preparation

The structure of your day while on a 4×4 adventure has to include at least some degree of meal planning. You can try to do some preparation at home or you can just stock up on canned goods. We all know that nothing beats a hot meal from fresh ingredients. Every hardship on the road is easier to bear on a full stomach.

camping food preparation

Although not a must-have, a 12V portable fridge will let you store fresh and pre-prepared ingredients or dishes. When it comes to your outdoor make-shift kitchen, you can go as pro as you like. You can easily take a barbie kit, that is a no brainer. You can also take a fire pit or even an oven. It all boils down to your approach to cooking while on the road.


On the 17th of March 2020, the American actor Gared Leto found out that there is a pandemic. He just emerged from a silent meditation desert retreat and got the news two weeks later than the rest of the world. You don’t want to get shocked liked that coming back from your trip, do you?

satellite phone

Keeping an eye on the world and communication with people while you are away can also an issue of safety and comfort. We all go in the wilderness to get away from the world, however, a healthy dose of communication can mean a lot. If you allot a bit of time for this each day it will give you some structure where there is none. And chances are you have someone that would like to know your progress and that you are safe.

Unfortunately, some off-road locations are far from the range of phone towers. That being said, carrying a satellite phone if your smartphone doesn’t have any reception can make sure you stay safe and have the peace of mind to relax and enjoy your adventure. Even if you use them just to touch base and check in with someone, you will be happy you have it.


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