The Complete Guide to the Most Popular Australian Beer Styles

If there’s anything Aussies know how to do, it’s drinking beer. In fact, Australia is one of the world’s leading nations in beer consumption per capita beer. And with such a large and varied population, it’s only natural that there are numerous styles and brands of beer to cater to all tastes.

But which ones among them offer the best bang for your buck? How do you know if you’re getting a quality beverage when you shop for alcohol online or in-store? As much as we all want to believe that every pint has its own unique flavour, there are definitely some that stand out from the pack.

What Are the Most Popular Australian Beers?

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When you’ve tried and tested all the local and international brews you could find, it’s only natural to develop a preference for certain types over others. Sometimes this search for the perfect pint can lead you down a rabbit hole of different brewing methods, ingredients and brewing styles. Let’s hop back up to the surface and take a look at some of the most delicious Australian beer styles on the market.

Ballistic Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout

The colourful and creative minds over at Ballistic Beer Co. in Queensland have brought us this unique twist of a chocolate stout. As the name suggests, it’s brewed with Mexican ancho chillies, which give the beer a subtle heat that is balanced out by the sweetness of the chocolate. It’s rich and full-bodied, resulting in a tasty and moreish beer to warm you up on a cold night.

The playful can design is also worth a mention – it’s one of those that you’ll want to keep a hold of long after you’ve finished the contents. The crisp black background is contrasted with an intricately-designed skull which features yellow detailing and delicate lines.

Old Man Yells at Cloud

old man yells at cloud beer


A rather cheeky name for a beer, but one that surely packs a punch. The Simpsons reference is a nice touch, with the classic quote serving as a direct inspiration for the branding. The baby blue sky and white fluffy clouds provide a calming backdrop, while the addition of a yellow hand clenched in a fist adds a touch of aggression.

This Old Wives Ales beer is brewed in Victoria and is described as a ‘cloudy amber ale’. It’s packed full of tropical fruit flavours, making it the perfect refresher on a hot summer’s day. And at 6.5% of ABV, it’s got a nice kick to it too.

Hope Imperial Raspberry Style

This beer from Hope Brewery in New South Wales is a delicious imperial raspberry wheat ale. It’s made with 50% wheat malt and 50% barley malt, as well as heaps of fresh raspberries. The result is a lovely pink colour and a beer that is both tart and sweet.

The branding of this Australian beer is simple but effective, with a black base covered in raspberries and the name of the beverage written in white. There’s nothing too fancy going on, but it doesn’t need to be – the focus is very much on the quality of the product.

Kaiju Aftermath DIPA

kaiju aftermath DIPA beer


This funky DIPA from Kaiju Beer in Victoria is brewed with a mix of American, New Zealand and Australian hops. It’s got a strong grapefruit flavour and aroma, which is complemented by a touch of bitterness. With a strong 9.1% ABV, it’s definitely one for the hopheads out there.

The can design is super eye-catching, with a bright orange background and two big green kaiju monsters on either side. It’s fun and playful but also manages to look pretty badass at the same time. The font choice is also interesting, with a mix of serif and sans-serif letters giving the name an almost futuristic feel.

Balter Hazy IPA

Offering a more minimalist approach, this hazy IPA features a sunset-like gradient on the can with the name of the beer written in white. Its soft and juicy flavours make it the perfect summer beer, while the addition of lactose gives it a lovely creamy texture.

It doesn’t look like much at first glance, but the more you look at it, the more you appreciate the simple beauty of this design and the soft colours. Coupled with its 6.0% alcohol content, it’s the perfect tipple for a scorching hot day.

Deeds Juice Train NEIPA

The blue-and-white can design of this beer from Deeds Brewing in Victoria is reminiscent of an old-school milk carton. But don’t let that fool you – this is a super juicy and hazy NEIPA that is packed full of flavour, hence the name.

It’s got a lovely creamy texture thanks to the addition of lactose, and the citrusy hops give it a refreshing zing. At 6.5% ABV, it’s also got a bit of a kick to it, resulting in a beer that is both delicious and dangerous.

Little Bang Face Inverter

little bangface inverter beer


The bang that this beer delivers comes in the form of a respectable 5.0% ABV. It’s not overly strong, but it’s got enough alcohol in it to get your buzz going.

The branding is fun and quirky, with a red and yellow base that is reminiscent of a retro comic book. The name is written in a bold and striking font that stands out against the vibrant background. It’s a simple design but one that is sure to turn heads.


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