Office Kneeling Chair – When the Unconventional Repairs Conventional Pain

Anyone who has ever worked an office job can definitely relate: back pain is no joke, regardless of how perfectly healthy you are, sitting for hours on end will ultimately take its toll on your spine, especially if you don’t sit properly. Stress on the spine leads to joint and muscle stress, and that eventually results in massive pain. And if you don’t take action, you can get seriously injured. So what course of action should you take to prevent all of that?

Office Kneeling Chair

It’s quite simple – ergonomics. Ergonomics entail arranging your desk setup according to a set of ergonomic rules – not staying stagnant and sitting with a straight spine. You’d think sitting straight is simple, but trust me, it isn’t. You’ll catch yourself sitting improperly quite often if you can even remember to check your posture.

You’ll come across many different types of ergonomic seating solutions, but one of the more unconventional ones, that you might completely disregard at first sight (but you shouldn’t), is the office kneeling chair. The design of the office kneeling chair is dynamic, simple and ergonomic. It became popular about 40 years ago and it’s still used today, but not as much as when it first came out. It encourages active and natural sitting positions and it enables you to sit without straightening out or bending the natural curve of the spine.

Moreover, the decline of the seat gives your hips more room, which is very important as the hops are connected to the muscles of your lower back. You’ll experience lower back pain relief almost instantly, as it will help your hip muscles and spine to expand instead of tighten. Additionally, your spinal column will stack upon itself with very little assistance from your muscles.

More importantly, the kneeling chair is extremely comfortable. The design and style do not force you to hunch forward, and do not pull you forward the desk either. Plus, the knee pads enable you to move freely. You can try many different positions and find one that suits you best. For instance, you can place one foot on the floor for extra comfort and freedom of motion.

Lastly, it promotes core muscle development. When sitting on a conventional chair, the core muscles don’t do much, which is why most of us haunch over the keyboard. With a kneeling chair, the stronger abdominal muscles, the muscles of the lumbar and obliques do most of the work instead of the muscles around the spine, which are far weaker. This allows the core muscles to develop over time, without any significant struggle.

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