Modular Beach House: Your Dream-Come-True Getaway

You may or may not love what you do for a living but fact is there’d come a day when you’d want to escape the daily routine and just get your energy recharged someplace else, away from your work and the same old that you do every day. There’s no doubt about it, going on holidays is great for the health.


What better way to make use of a time off than by having your beach house! Now, while having a summer house or a weekend getaway may be a dream for most of us, not everyone can afford to buy or maintain one. Yet, be it as it may, this is no longer the case thanks to the concept of modular beach house.

Though not the same as traditional houses, these houses only differ in the building process which is exactly what makes them affordable and dream come true for many. We’ve been hearing a lot about sustainability lately, truth is it’s not a recent concept and it’s so much more than a buzzword because it’s got to do with being mindful with the resources.

This is exactly what modular design revolves around: affordable and renewable resources, eco-friendly materials, cutting down waste, pollution (both air and noise) and of course precision of the design and the construction. It’s all been made possible thanks to the advances in technology, making it easy to build up all the components in a controlled environment, like a factory, and then setting up all the pieces together at the spot.

As a revolutionary process, it allows for a modular beach house to be built within weeks, which isn’t the case with traditional houses that take up a lot of time as well as money due to the more chances for mistakes and materials that go to waste because of the weather influence.

With a beach house like this you’d be able to get a custom design that’s perfect for you and the exact location, taking all your needs, like the size of the family, view and room wishes, privacy, material preferences, indoor and outdoor requirements and the specifications of the place so you’d get a product that’s ideal for your lifestyle when you’re in holiday mode and the harsh Australian conditions too.

Thanks to the sustainable aspect of modular buildings, you won’t have to worry as much about maintenance and you’d have more time at hand to sit back and enjoy. What more could you ask for in a retreat?


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