Martin & Pleasance: Premium Natural Remedies and Medicines

When it comes to leading a healthy life and forming healthy habits, we know how important choosing products with the right ingredients is. And by ‘right’, we mostly mean natural. Natural remedies have been used for centuries but somehow we forgot about them with the advancement of medicine. Fortunately, in the last decade, more and more people have turned to nature for help for various illnesses.


Founded in 1855, Martin & Pleasance is an Australian-owned brand that offers natural products made from the best raw materials using the highest manufacturing standards. It started with a small portfolio, consisting of only Schuessler Tissue Salts and Herbal Creams and it built its way up to distributing many trusted brands today. Their vision is to provide us with effective and sustainable products for more natural life.

Their range of products includes a variety of remedies that you can use to treat all kinds of health issues. The advantage, of course, is that you’ll only find natural medicines that have been proven to work. Shop the wide range of Martin & Pleasance products and find the solution to your problem.

Herbal Creams to Aid with Multiple Health Issues

Herbal creams are the signature products of Martin & Pleasance. They are 100% natural remedies used to treat various skin conditions and pain. They contain a natural base blended with a high concentration of herbs. There are various types of herbal creams:

  • Arnica – Used to treat bruising, sprains, and major injuries as a result of sports;
  • Calendula – Helps with cuts, rashes, inflammation, and bruises;
  • Comfrey – Used for swelling, sprains, and joint pain;
  • Thuja – For treating warts, fungal infections, and mild tinea;
  • Tea Tree – An antiseptic that aids insect bites, acne, scratches, and cuts;
  • Nettle – Helps with eczema and itchiness;
  • Witch Hazel – Relieves symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Schuessler Tissue Salts for the Whole Family

One of the first products that Martin & Pleasance started manufacturing, these salts are used for relieving pain associated with teething, for muscle cramps, coughs, colds, problems with hair, skin, and nails, digestive problems, fatigue, and much more. Since the human body contains 12 mineral or tissue salts, there needs to be a balance for proper functioning. Dr Schuessler used them for the first time in homeopathic medicine, thus the name. The range of products consists of creams and minerals suitable for use for the whole family and are safe to be taken alongside other supplements and medications.

For Men’s Health – He Men’s Health Range

Developed specifically for men, this range includes various remedies in the form of tables for supporting several health issues and improving men’s quality of life. You can get tablets to help you with maintaining prostate health and improve energy levels and sexual function. For those with sleeping problems, the Sleep Deep formula will help with relieving restlessness and promoting a good night’s sleep. For a stress-free life, the De-Stress tablets will make sure that you’re focused and energised during the day.


For Women’s Health – Take Harmony

On the other hand, there’s the brand Harmony, which has products made specifically for women. They support women through their everyday life and all the different stages that they experience. Some of their formulas are:

  • Harmony Balance – For balancing PMS symptoms;
  • Harmony Restore – For relieving stress and tiredness;
  • Harmony Menopause – For helping with menopause symptoms;
  • Harmony U Dream – Promotes quality sleep;
  • Harmony My Beauty – A cream for glowing and healthy skin.

For Pain Relief and Injuries – Zen

Zen includes sprays and gels for sports injuries. The spray relieves and prevents pre or post-workout and activity injuries. It’s used by simply spraying on the affected areas, like muscles and joints, and it can relieve bruising, sprains, and aches. It can be massaged onto the skin and the natural ingredients will make sure that your pain is gone in no time. Its prevalent ingredient is Arnica, which is widely used for treating pains, aches, and sprains. The Zen Herbal Liniment is a potent combination used to support mild arthritis, spasms, muscle stiffness, and inflammation.

For Boosting Your Immune System – Ki Health Defence

Ki Health Defence contains products with quality ingredients made to support your immune system to better deal with viruses and infections. Their range consists of numerous formulas for aiding you to maintain your energy levels, reducing the risk of colds, boosting white blood cells, fighting colds, and reducing allergy symptoms. These can be found in the form of tablets, sprays, and liquids.


Ainsworths Bach Formulas – Help Yourself with Flower Essence

The Martin & Pleasance range consists of Dr Bach’s original formulas as well, which are used for aiding various problems. Dr. Bach discovered the powerful effect that flowers, or more specifically their essence, have on our thoughts and feelings. He used his knowledge to develop formulas that will assist us in preventing and treating physical illnesses. The range of products consists of flower essences made of chestnut buds, chicory, star of Bethlehem, vervain, willow, honeysuckle, and others. A product may contain only one flower essence or be a blend of several flowers.

For Boosting Energy – Ener-C

This brand distributed by Martin & Pleasance consists of multivitamin and electrolyte powders that are packaged in sachets. It’s a convenient way to take in your daily dose of vitamins because you simply mix the ingredients from the sachet with water and drink it up. Every drink contains a high dose of Vitamin C and natural fruit juice powders with no added artificial flavours. You can find flavours like orange, raspberry, and lime, and it’s an easy way to support your immune system while staying well hydrated. The electrolyte drink helps you replace the electrolytes that you lose while exercising and sweating, thus assisting hydration and post-workout recovery.

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