Letterbox Types and Designs Available Online

It is a fact that nowadays, people do not use letterboxes as much as they did years ago. But even though we live in a webbed world where almost everyone has their personal email account, letterboxes still find their use in homes and offices. Many people still love getting letters and post cards and make special efforts to get a letterbox that will stand out from the crowd of dull options. These small but functional pieces are one of the first things people notice when entering your home. For that reason, do it right. Make the effort to choose the right style and size that will perfectly fit the outdoor décor of your home.


Because of this reason, today many people put more emphasis to the different designs and types of letterboxes available. With the so many innovative and unique letterboxes, the sky is the limit.



There are vertical and horizontal wall-mounted mailboxes and both options are practical but only if your postman walks his route to deliver your mail. In case you live in a neighbourhood where the mail is delivered at curbside from a truck, the chances of getting your mail specially carried to your door are somewhere near zero.


Today curbside letterboxes are the most common type and the type that most people are familiar with. You can paint and decorate them and basically do anything you want as long as you do not disturb their operation.

Mail Slots

Just like there are certain regulations for curbside mailboxes, there are also regulations for mail slots. They include door placement, opening size, hinges as well as neighbourhood guidelines.

letterbox for house


Browse the local stores and the internet and you will be surprised with the wide array of letterbox designs available. The most common materials for letterboxes are wood, metal, durable plastics, brick and natural stone. They can also be in the standard variety, but there are still many that come in a distinctive style and beautiful designs. If your home is designed in a contemporary style, then you might as well try to find a nice sleek letterbox design that will perfectly blend in your outdoor décor.

When you find your ideal letterbox design, make sure you buy a quality one that will not rust a few months later. If necessary, spend some extra money on it to ensure you are getting a quality and valuable piece of art.


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