Kitchen Sinks: Your Online Buying Guide

What do you spend most time on when in the kitchen? Probably, food prep and dish washing. And while slicing and chopping fruits, vegetables and meat may be fun, doing dishes certainly isn’t. Especially if your sink doesn’t provide the convenience and features you need. If it is too small for the trays or pots you use or if it does not have a good overflow feature, the time usually spent on washing dishes may double for you. Plus, you may feel dissatisfaction knowing that you need a second sink, but do not have one.

Since you probably plan and want to shop for a kitchen sink once or twice in your lifetime, here is a useful kitchen sinks buying guide that will help you choose the right element for your home.


Consider the following points before purchasing for your kitchen sink.

How many sink bowls do you need?

Kitchen sinks with two bowls are ideal for large families or people who often cook and entertain. Second bowl can be very handy especially when you need to rinse dishes when the main sink is in use. Moreover, a waste disposer is usually fitted in the second sink bowl. In general, two bowls in one unit is a standard, with or without a drainer. Although if you have a solid surface bench top you may want to look at two separate under mounted bowls.


Poor quality kitchen sinks do not only look dull, but can actually lead to expensive problems. For example, a sink made of low-quality material is prone to corrosion. Furthermore, you may be faced with a leaking problem that can damage your kitchen cabinets. Look for a kitchen sink with quality of a minimum grade of 304 stainless steel. And always ask for a warranty.


Kitchen sinks are available in various finishes including highly polished. Although polished steel looks more attractive, it is more likely to get easily scratched.

Aside from selecting the right kitchen sink, what’s even more important is ensuring proper installation. That’s because even the highest quality kitchen sinks can lead to problems if not installed correctly. Therefore, if you have never installed a sink before, it is best to hire a professional. A professional will ensure the sink is well secured with equal pressure all around so it does not deform.

Another useful tip is to shop online. Aside from better assortment of kitchen sinks, online you’ll be able to find a whole range of high quality kitchen sinks at more affordable prices. You’ll also be able to compare brands, retailers and prices, all from the comfort of your home.

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