Supplies You’ll Need to Keep Your Pool Clean

Owning a pool means lots of fun and excitement. But along with the joy that comes with pool ownership there are also the maintenance challenges. Now honestly, cleaning the pool isn’t nearly as fun as swimming, but there should be no excuses for you to put it off, since dirt can affect the functionality, safety and aesthetics of the pool. With the right pool supplies and equipment and a little elbow grease, you can skim, brush, and vacuum your way to a sparkling clean pool in no time. There are many cool automatic cleaners that you can try but even if you have one, you can still find having some basic pool equipment for manual cleaning useful. Having said that, here are some.

pool supplies


The first thing you may need is a pole on which you can attach various bits of cleaning equipment and pool supplies that can do the job. What makes a good pole is the option for it to extend in length to reach the further corners of the swimming pool. It should also be lightweight but solid – fibreglass and aluminium are the best choices when it comes to the type of material so the pole doesn’t bend or break easily.

Vacuum Heads

All pools need a good vacuuming. It’s what makes a dirty pool look good and clean. One way you can do this is by manually attaching a vacuum head to the pole, and then attaching a vacuum hose to the vacuum head. The pole and vacuum head are then lowered into the pool to clean the pool floor. There are two different types of vacuum heads, one that has wheels and is intended for vacuuming concrete pools, while the other has brushes instead of wheels and is designed for vinyl lined pools.

Pool Brushes

A pool is in need of a good scrubbing at least once per weak. Pool brushes serve the basic function of scrubbing pool walls, steps and floors to remove debris. Brush heads may be attached to the pole to reach areas that need to be cleaned or brushes with handle can be used to clean oil, dirt and scum around the water line. Stainless steel brushes are perfect for plaster or concrete pools, but should not be used on vinyl pools. Bristle brushes are ideal for above ground and vinyl pools.


Other pieces of equipment that are very handy are the skim net and leaf rake. The skim net is a flat mesh net that attaches to the pole. It should be used on a daily basis to remove debris and leafs floating on the pool surface. The pool leaf rake is also a mesh net, but it is much deeper and great for scooping larger pieces of debris from the pool floor.


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