Every Woman’s Desire: Dressing Tables With Mirror Groomed for Style

Nowadays, when there are tons of DIY makeup tutorials available online, having a well-lit space for applying make-up is a necessity for every modern woman. Since the bathroom can get quite uncomfortable because of the insufficient and inadequate lighting, it is time to spiff up your bedroom with a dressing table with mirror.

Regardless of the interior design and style of your bedroom, having a space dedicated to pampering yourself is always a nice idea.

Since today you can choose between thousands of different sizes, designs, models and styles of dressing tables with mirrors available online, we have gathered some really interesting looking dressers that can transform your bedroom into the most magical place in your home. Have a look at these ideas that will surely inspire your space.

Vintage Dressing Table

Vintage Dressing Table

Who doesn’t want to steal a fragment of the old Hollywood glamour and lock it forever in their home? In my opinion every woman does and you can make this dream come true by opting for a vintage wooden dressing table with mirror. Create a timeless look and old-world charm in your bedroom with a classy and antique looking dressing table. You can look for these vintage beauties at a local antique shop or online, as there are many reliable online stores that offer great and more affordable deals than offline stores.

Mirrored Dressing Table

If you want to add a dash of glamour to your bedroom, do it with this fancy mirrored dressing table. Choose a stylish and compact one that will delight the eye and will make you feel like a goddess when doing your make-up.

You can choose one with a mirror attached to it, or a simpler version with a wall-mounted mirror that will make it look even more feminine and functional.

Modern Dressing Table

Modern And Simple Dressing Table

If you are keen on simple and modern things, you can invest in an elegant storage dressing table with put-away mirror. This modern dressing table will allow you to keep all your jewellery and dressing necessities in one place. Choose one with at least three drawers so you could keep all of your daily necessities close to you. With several sections and the convenient mirror solution, this modern dressing table is the perfect neat and tidy addition for your bedroom.

A Temporary DIY Dressing Table

If you are not in a position to buy dressing table at the moment, you can DIY. For example, you can use the old suitcase that gathers dust in the basement and give it a whole new look and purpose of use. Clean it carefully, line the inside with some fancy fabric, and attach four legs to it from an old dressing table. This DIY project will help you create your personal and special corner that will furthermore render your preparing for the day an enjoyable .

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