Engagement Rings: The Meaning of Gemstone Colour

Once you have decided to ask your better half to be your wife, it’s time for you to tie the knot and buy her an engagement ring. Today’s choice of wedding and engagement rings is huge and you can easily find the one that will help you express your feelings best. The choice you make should be based on your fiancée’s taste and style, which is why it’s good to take your time. Going over all the options available is the best thing you can do to make the right choice, and one of the first things you should take into account is choosing the right stone.

The Most Popular Gemstones for Engagement Rings

The choice of gemstones for these significant jewellery pieces is huge, ranging in type, quality and colour. However, there is one stone that is considered the most appealing of them all, and that is the white diamond.

White Diamond

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Nothing says ‘Will you marry me?” more than a diamond ring. Diamond wedding and engagement rings have been the ultimate symbol of love since ever, but mainly since the 1900s, when Marilyn Monroe stated that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. So it isn’t strange that until now, they have been considered the most favoured and popular rings for such occasions.

This stone is known for its neutral colour making it the perfect option for daily use. When combined with white gold, platinum or even palladium, this ring becomes an accessory that will never go out of style. These stones are appealing, luxurious looking and always in style. They are also durable and hard with a rating of 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale and it’s safe to say that this is the strongest and most longlasting gem on the market.

Knowing all of this explains its price and worthiness, so if you have the chance, investing in such a pure, luxurious and dazzling ring is the best decision you can make. The white diamonds signify pure love so expressing your lifelong commitment to your better half with a ring like this would be everything.


Blue sapphire is the stone of royalty indeed. This is a stone that both Princess Diana and Princess Kate chose over the traditional white diamond. This gemstone is strong similar to diamonds and it’s said that it can bring good communication between the partners. It can also bring harmony and respect and that’s why it’s a common choice.

However, sapphire is not as common as white diamonds mainly because of its dark colour, and a lot of women prefer something simpler and more neutral, just like the sparkling white diamond. However, some women simply love to break free from the ordinary and want to be unique, so choosing a stone of this kind would be amazing. Instead of simplicity, choose bravery and boldness and help your loved one feel one-of-a-kind. Let your love be different from the others and let this ring would be a sign of this.


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If you know that your loved one isn’t a fan of white stones, and she loves bolder colours, then you should certainly consider the idea of buying her a finger embellishment with ruby stone. The colour of this stone ranges from bright red to dark red/brownish colour, however, the most popular colour for the purpose is the red blood one. Regarding their hardiness and durability, they come second, right after diamonds with a hardiness of 9 which makes them a good choice for such a ring. This ring is known as the ring of love and passion, so if your love for your loved one is wild and passionate, this might be the right gemstone for such a significant moment.

Yellow Diamond

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If your loved one brightens up your day just like the sun, then you should certainly consider investing in a yellow diamond ring instead of a white one. This is a stone that shows warmth and joy just like the sun, so putting it on the hand of your loved one would be the right thing to do.

This kind of ring epresents happiness, joy, energy and intelligence, and showing your loved one that she’s all of that through the ring will only make your bond stronger. Everyone deserves to have a sun like this in their lives, and you are truly happy to have someone like that to share your life with.

Pink Diamond

This stone is considered one of the rarest stones and they surely are precious. They symbolise love, self-worth, creativity and compassion, so allowing your chosen one to wear this rare stone is just amazing. A stone of this kind is just perfect for all those future brides-to-be who aren’t fans of traditions and want something unique. These rings are the perfect choice for those who know what they are doing but aren’t afraid to think out of the box and dare to try something different.


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