Discover the Benefits a New Exhaust System Can Offer

Every car enthusiast should have an understanding of how their exhaust works. Having an insight into your car’s exhaust inner workings can help you better understand your vehicle and help you take care of your car better. I’ve recently upgraded my Toyota exhaust system and was blown away to discover the amount of things I didn’t know can be improved by a simple exhaust change. So I figured I’d share some of my knowledge and help you gain a better understanding of your exhaust system and how it can improve the performance of your vehicle.

Toyota Exhaust System

What is an Exhaust System?

Let’s get the working parts and functionality of the exhaust system out of the way first. An exhaust system works by moving the exhaust gases from the engine to the exhaust pipe. The exhaust manifold is what removes the gases from the cylinders from several different cylinders at a time. A header, on the other hand, is a manifold that has pipes which remove gases from the cylinders individually. The most common materials used to make them are cast iron or stainless steel, but in some cases you may find ceramic coating or polished chrome as a finish.

How Can a New Exhaust Boost Performance?

Surprisingly, something as easy as getting a new exhaust system installed can significantly boost the performance of your vehicle. The first change I noticed once I upgraded my Toyota exhaust system was the improvement of my fuel economy. My truck was wasting fuel before purposelessly, so come to think of it, I just should have changed my factory exhaust for an after-market one since day one. Also I really loved the way my truck sounded once I got the new exhaust – it definitely has a more aggressive sound to it now.

Why Should You Buy an After-market Exhaust?

While you might think your brand new car has all of its parts working perfectly, you would be surprised how untrue this assumption may be. Now, of course, there is nothing wrong with a new factory made exhaust, however, factories use the cheapest possible materials to make certain parts for the cars such as the exhaust as that are not as important as other parts. Yes, automotive companies try to reduce production expenses by sticking you with a poorly built exhaust that is going to reduce the performance of your car. After-market exhausts, however, are usually made with much more attention, as manufacturers focus solely on the manufacturing of exhaust, meaning you will get much better materials and much better construction for your exhaust.

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