BMX: The Challenging Sport You’re Sure to Love

doing bmx tricks
We’ve heard it before, riding a bike is healthy. But, this isn’t all there is to it. It’s fun, it takes you away from the couch and electronics, and out into the streets. However, riding a bike is one thing, and being in the world of BMX is another. Sure, it burns calories, keeps you active (your cardiovascular system too!), and tones your muscles, yet BMX also makes you grow in a way you didn’t think possible – it makes you challenge yourself by conquering new terrains, as well as do different tricks and turns the more you level up in the riding.

Yes, it’s exciting, and scary at the same time having in mind it’s a sport where no rules rule. That’s why protection is of utmost importance, something I don’t take for granted. I consider my basic equipment the Protec Bmx helmets. The options of Protec Bmx helmets are vast and it wasn’t easy to make the pick, so it was the search for comfort, a secure fit, and a lightweight design that helped make the choice.
riding bmx with protec helmet
There are different styles of Protec Bmx helmets, a variety of colours, and shapes, but they came in as an afterthought. What matters is for a helmet to fit the head like a protective second skin, so that no fall would be that scary. With the right gear, you overcome the fear of falls, and that’s what I love about BMX. Injuries are part of the experience too, and when you are equipped with the right joint pads and protectors (for wrists, knees, shins, and ankles), as well as gloves too, the impact is lesser. What’s also interesting is the fact the more you ride, the more you get in the know of predicting falls, so you learn how to position your body, and your hands, for instance, to further protect yourself so you become more perceptive.

You’ve probably heard it before, BMX is life, and it’s not just a cliché. BMX has influenced a culture. It’s the sport for people of all generations. And it abounds in styles, whether it’s at cityscapes and BMX parks conquering railings and stairs, or natural obstacles at mountainous regions, so you get to ride many to see which one works best for you. There’s also the fact it opens up possibilities of joining up BMX groups and meeting more people who share the passion for bicycle motocross, and even become part of the worldwide community, meeting enthusiasts from around the globe. That’s how I met my friend for life! Sounds exciting, right?

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