The Best Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Accessories to Improve Appeal and Safety

Every reasonable vehicle owner should be well-aware of the fact that it is far better to prevent issues from arising on your vehicle rather than spending a small fortune on repairs and have it stuck at the mechanic for weeks. For this very reason, investing in the right set of accessories that will make your Mitsubishi Pajero Sport safer to ride and more appealing is the smart thing to do. Let’s take a look at the 4 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport accessories that will improve your ride’s appeal and safety.

pajero sport accessories

Roof Rack

I know that the Pajero is a monster of a 4×4 vehicle but putting a lot of strain on it is certainly not recommended. This has a lot to do with roof racks since some of them are made of steel and that can add a lot of weight, not counting the luggage on top. But like most Mitsubishi Pajero Sport accessoriesof this kind, you can get roof racks made from aluminium which can be as strong as steel racks but without the extra weight. If you’re planning to explore the Australian outback with your Mitsubishi and take a couple of bikes with you, your best bet is a modular rack. This type of rack will allow you to install all kinds of accessories on it that will make adding extra luggage more convenient.

Headlight Protectors

This accessory won’t make any difference in the appeal of your vehicle but it will provide your headlights with the necessary protection. These Mitsubishi Pajero Sport accessories are very convenient and cost-effective as they keep your headlights safe from rocks without compromising the illumination level.

Towing Mirrors

Since we know how powerful this vehicle is, some of you have probably at some point helped tow a small boat or your buddy’s car. Whatever the case may be, it’s good to be prepared and have a pair of towing mirrors in the back. You can either get clip-on or strap-on mirrors but I would suggest you go for clear view mirrors if you are going to tow caravans, trailers or boats.

Although larger, door-mounted towing mirrors are more stable and easily adjustable at any given time which can also be used for caravan and trailer towing purposes. No matter which type of towing mirrors you go for, make sure they are in compliance with the existing regulations (

pajero accessories


Now, a bullbar may not benefit the appeal of the vehicle as much as it will keep it safe, but it can blend in if you get it in the right colour. By the right colour, I mean the one that will match the front grille of the vehicle. All in all, a bullbar will keep animals and trees from damaging the hood and windshield of your ride without adding a lot of weight to it. Aluminium is once again your best friend, just make sure you get a higher grade material.

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