5 Interesting Ideas for Writing Love Poems

A great way to show a loved one your feelings for them is by writing love poems. But, if you can’t find the right way to express you feeling, we have some interesting ideas to give you some inspiration.


For starters, try writing acrostic poetry. Acrostic poetry is a form of poetry where you take a word or phrase and write it down on a page vertically, after which every line should begin with the specific letter. You can use ‘I Love You’, the name of your loved one or a phrase that has great meaning to them or to the both of you. Continue writing until you have a line for every letter.

Another very interesting type of poetry is the concrete poetry. It is a unique type of love poems for her from him where you make a shape about the subject with your words. You can make a heart shape, a kiss or something that matters to your loved one or to the both of you. For example, if she is a musician you can make a note, an instrument or if for example your first date was a football game make it into the shape of a football. Make a list about all the things that you adore about your loved one and things that you can’t stop loving about them. From how they are a great listener and always hear you out to how they make you smile and laugh. It’s not that hard to write a list of about ten to fifteen things and make them into a lovely romantic gift to give to them.

You can also show your love to your partner by writing a description of the things they like and they do. Just describe them how you see them which is the most beautiful and loving way to see someone. Adapt your favorite song and make it personalized to your relationship and to your love. The easiest way is to use the same rhyming pattern of that song and substitute the words to make it personal and show your loved one how you feel through your love poems.

Your options are limitless when you want to express your feelings to your partner and make something special for them. All you need is a few ideas, a little creativity and you have the perfect recipe for a meaningful way for the expression of your true feelings for the one you love.

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